October 18th

1851 – Moby Dick is first published, but is called The Whale. (Yes, this is the earliest piece of interesting and potentially relevant news to happen on this date!)

1867 – The United States buys Alaska from the Russians for $7.2million. (How much would that translate to now!?)

1922 – The BBC is established as a series of radio networks to form a national station (James Blake told us about this in the last lecture!)

1944 – Soviet Union invades Czechoslovakia.

1991 – Azerbaijan declares its independence from the USSR. (This is the last news – not an eventful day)


Chuck Berry – Singer (1926), Paul Chuckle – One of the Chuckle Brothers (1947), Jean-Claude Van Damme – Actor (1960), Curtis Stigers – Jazz singer and saxophonist (1965), Robbie Savage – Footballer (1974), Mike Tindall – English Rugby Union International (1978), Ne-Yo – R&B Singer (1982), Zac Efron – American Actor (1987)


Thomas Edison – Inventor (d. 1931)


1968 – Bob Beamon sets a new world record of 9.80m in the long jump at the Mexico City Olympic Games.

UK Number 1s

Roy Orbison – Only The Lonely (1960)

Jim Reeves – Distant Drums (1966)

David Soul – Silver Lady (1977)

Culture Club – Karma Chameleon (1983)

BeeGees – You Win Again (1987)

Tasmin Archer – Sleeping Satellite (1992)

Spacedust – Gym And Tonic (1998)

Alexandra Burke featuring Flo Rida – Bad Boys (2009)


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