Cinema Trip update

Hi Guys!

I’ve managed to get us a great deal to see The Social Network at the Cameo!

£2.50 each for students and free for lecturers if they want to come!

The only condition is that there are more than 10 of us! So make sure you come along. Everyone seems to fancy Wednesday after class. The showings are at 15:40, 18:20 and 21:00

I need to call back tomorrow to book us in so if you could RSVP here, or to me or George, Thanks.



6 Responses

  1. I’m in I’m in I’m in!

  2. (Comments from previous blog)
    Confirmed: (6) George, Danielle, Charlotte, Eva, Sam, Sara,
    Declined: Alex, Nicola (unless you want to see it again? :P)
    Unconfirmed: The rest of the group! As long as we have over 10 on the day then that would be good.

    Just need to decide a time – will most likely discuss face-to-face tomorrow, pretty difficult to do on here!
    For those of you who want to Google-map Cameo the full address is: 38 Home Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9LZ

    • Haha, you know, I would actually see it again – but I’ve got a gig and a friend’s leaving do that night. Have fun though, guys! (:

  3. Also, I will be driving so I can give some of us a lift along. Maybe other people with cars will come too

  4. i can’t make it as i’m moving on wednesday. and the next day i need to wake up a bit before 6am for my early morning at work. so that’s a firm double ‘nain’ for me.
    it’s brilliant (and inspiring, as some might say) that someone really took it up to organize all this, though!

  5. I’m coming! So is Julia, Lyndsay, Caitlin and Kirsty.. one of them has your sign up sheet from the classroom with them..

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