Read all about it! (If you pay…)

Following the lecture on Wednesday 13th discussing media convergence and how some online newspapers have started charging for their online content, this article in The Independent explains that The News of the World have just relaunched their website, making it pay-to-view. The News of the World website now features “tasters” of what stories you can read if you register to the site. You can have access to it for £1 for 24 hours or £1.99 for one month.

I personally will not be paying to read The News of the World online, but let’s say (and let’s hope not) that you had to pay for all online news, I think I would pay for some of my favourite online publications. I am keen to find out your views on paying for news online. Would you pay money to read The News of the World online? Is there any online news destinations that you would actually pay to access on the internet? If all online news content had to be paid for, would this see an increase (for the first time in a long time) of newspaper sales?


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  1. Interesting, and topical blog George!

    I think as long as the BBC exists with it’s current ethos then other online news companies are going to find it difficult to compete having a pay-to-view setup. I have to admit that newspapers are where I get most of my news from anyway, but it is convenient to have news online that is easy to access and free. Would Twitter not change dramatically if all online news had to be paid for? I know that I mostly ‘follow’ news groups, so would I have to pay to see a link?
    If EVERYTHING was pay-to-view, then obviously I would fork out £1.99 a month to view my favourite news site but I don’t think these companies can expect low income families to pay for news. I think if we want people to stay interested in what is happening in the world – then the sites have to stay affordable.

    Nice blog
    Julia x

    • Thanks Julia, I agree. I doubt there will ever be a time when we will have to pay for ALL online news but I do see some more papers in the future trialling the “pay to view” system – I’m guessing readership for each online news destination that does take this “risk” will fall initially – it will be interesting to see how The News of the World does.
      Cheers for your comment.

  2. Great idea for a blog George. I like the impromptu poll. It will be interesting to see the results. Of course the existence of the BBC makes all this hypothetical – and that’s what is frustrating commercial news organisations out there. Perhaps you might also have asked: how much would you be willing to pay??


  3. I think I may pay. I’m thinking of subscribing to The Times online. I agree with what you’re saying about the BBC quashing the necessity to pay for news online but it isn’t a newspaper. I’m thinking more along the lines of looking at stories from a print journalism perspective and I have also been thinking about research for different stories and how useful it is to look at back at past editions of newspapers and see how they have covered stories as they progress etc. I never keep a print copy of a paper so the online archives are really useful.

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