Music podcast

I decided to record a chat between me, my boyfriend and his flat mate about the music industry and turn it into a podcast!

However, it was in the kitchen and you can hear the washing machine going off, it’s also very echo-y. It’s about 20 mins in length and discusses the x-factor and what impact that has on the industry, digital downloads and what happens when bands sell out. Check it out –  What became of the music industry?



3 Responses

  1. I really enjoyed listening to this, Danielle. You sound very natural here and any editing isn’t too obvious. Well done, an interesting podcast…(they’re fun to make aren’t they)! How did you record yours may I ask?

  2. Thanks Sam, Im glad you stuck it out, its quite long!
    I have a Zoom H2 recorder –

    I bought it 2 years ago when I was studying radio broadcasting, comes in very handy!

    • Ohh good stuff. I just use a dictaphone for interviews but I’ve got an 8 track recorder for music which also comes out really good quality with speech…and my mother said I’d never use any of the musical gadgets I buy!
      See you Tuesday. 🙂

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