Chile learns from Russian mistakes

Chile learns from Russian mistakes ten years previously, and with it, gains worldwide respect and praise.

On the 12th of August 2000, the Russian Oscar II class submarine sank in the Barents Sea. It was caused by a leak of hydrogen peroxide which resulted in a succession of Torpedo explosions on board. The US and Britain offered use of its Deep Submergence Rescue vehicles. To the dismay of many, Russia refused their help, determined to show it was still a military power. The delayed rescue attempt four days later, resulted in the deaths of all 118 sailors on board. The Incident has been aptly christened “The Kursk Submarine Disaster.”

Ten years later, on the 5th of August 2010, 33 chilean miners were discovered trapped 700m below ground. Learning from the mistakes of Russia, the Chilean Prime Minister Sebastian Pinera immediately appealed to its foreign counterparts for help. He stated, “If there is any technology or equipment that can help, we will use it.” Two months later, all33 miners have been rescued. In a matter of months Chile’s image as a corrupt nation has been shattered and relabeled as a city of hope. It also reveals a lesson to be learned in future situations: Never be afraid to ask for help.


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