Edinburgh Rugby Gunners v Saints

This morning I was at a press release at Murrayfield for the Edinburgh ‘Gunners’ Vs Northampton ‘Saints’ Saturday 16th (KO 13:30). There were sports journalists from ‘The Times’ and ‘The Scotsman’. I found the whole experience very useful. I used my Blackberry to record the press conference and I took notes as well.

I couldn’t get audacity to work with my recording – so could do with a little help with that. Anyone offering?!

James King will be playing on Saturday, who is a former personal trainer. He took a break from rugby, as he didn’t think he was playing well and began to get fed up with the sport and Scotland therefore he decided to travel, in Monaco with friends and worked as a ‘deck hand’ on yacht. Previous to this he had played for Melrose and Berwick RFC.

He returned to Scotland to play rugby as he missed rugby, being part of a team environment and due to family reasons. His first game when he returned was the Melrose cup final – which unfortunately they lost.

There were already 3 ‘centres’ at Edinburgh therefore King didn’t think he would be playing so soon, as he  hasn’t been with Edinburgh Rugby for long. King said “(he) was chuffed to get the call” as Saturdays game is being described as a “huge game”. Especially so for King as he was off for 5 weeks at the start of the season with a bruised heel.

King who is born and bred in Berwick, has a Scottish father and English mother but when asked today what nationality does he consider himself, he immediately replied “Scottish”.

This Saturday will also be King’s ‘Heineken Cup’ debut and said that his strength on Saturday will be his good commutation skills.  Roddy Grant – Edinburgh Captain also commented on Saturday’s upcoming game, saying that he and King are good friends and Saturday will be a “huge awesome occasion”. Northampton are having a very good season and have a big physical side, Grant joked and said Northampton will be wanting to “bash up” the Edinburgh team.

Grant also spoke about his new title as Edinburgh captain, where he said he is getting better with each game, making decisions, picking up things adapting and is happy in this role. Commenting on the team he said that overall Edinburgh have improved and it’s just individual mistakes, losing the ball and the reaction of losing the ball, although the amount of mistakes is said to be decreasing.

Seems like Saturday will be a very interesting game for fans and players.

Kirsty Bruce


3 Responses

  1. how do you find out about press releases?? northampton will win easily..

  2. It’s going to be in the papers tomorrow. haha I don’t know it’s Edinburgh, we are the best, non biased opinion obviously.

  3. nah but like the events where journo’s can go along and are with other journo’s – how did you know to be at the stadium for that specific time?
    And Northampton Saints are on fire this season, tipped by some to win the Premiership so don’t sound so assured haha

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