1066 – The Batlle Of Hastings concludes as the French, under the rule of William The Conqueror, defeat the English Army and King Harold II is famously shot in the eye with an arrow

1322 – Robert The Bruce defeats King Edward II forcing Edward to realise Scotland has independence.

1586 – Mary Queen of Scots goes on trial for treason

1888 – First motion pictured is filmed by Frenchman Louis Le Prince

1912 – Theodore Roosevelt, former US President, is shot before a political speech. He still goes through with the speech.

1926 – A A Milne publishes his first Winnie The Pooh book (this day, for this reason, should be celebrated forever!)

1947 – Captain Chuck Yeager breaks the speed barrier in flight

1958 – The US tests nuclear weapons at an underground facility

1968 – The first live telecast ever from a manned spacecraft is broadcast

1969 – The 50 pence piece is first introduced in Britain

1979 – The first gay rights march in America, demanding equality, attracts 200,000 people


Roger Moore – Actor (1927), Ralph Lauren – Fashion Designer (1939), Cliff Richard – Singer (1940), Usher – Singer (1978)


Errol Flynn – Actor (d. 1959), Bing Crosby – Singer (d.1977)

Special Occassions:

National Teachers Day (Poland)

Number 1s:

The Highwaymen – Michael (1961)

The BeeGees – Massachusetts (1967)

Lieutenant Pigeon – Mouldy Old Dough (1972)

John Travolta & Olivia Newton John – Summer Nights (1978) (Yay for musicals making the charts!!)

Black Box – Ride On Time (1989) (Clubbing tune of the decade – waaaaaohhhh!!! – If you listen to the song you will know why I have spelled it like that)

Simply Red – Fairground (1995)

All Saints – Black Coffee (2000)

Razorlight – America (2006) (I’m suprised this only stayed at number 1 for 1 week – it was a massive song played everywhere when it was released)


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