I am a WAG

That’s right, I am a WAG. No I’m not married to a footballer and covered in fake tan, I have joined a campaign – Woman Against George.

Check out this Labour campaign against cuts that “expose how he and the Coalition are not on women’s sides” – Women Against George!

The site uses social networking to show how much support the campaign has and you can link the site on facebok and twitter to show your friends and followers where your loyalties lie and how to join the campaign themselves. It just goes to show how much social networking plays a part in everything now. However, I sometimes wonder if things like this isolates older party supporters and even MP’s. I just thought id put it out there for you to check out – it’s quite an interesting angle on the cuts too!

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4 Responses

  1. Why are women against me? 😦
    As this year proved, the involvement of social media in politics is only going to get more prominent.

  2. hahahahaha, sorry – George Osborne!
    I’m sure women would never collectively hate you

  3. i fully support the website, but the way it phrases “George Osborne’s cuts to…Child Tax Credits and Child Benefit expose how he and the Coalition are not on women’s sides.”

    These two at least affect men too – we are just as affected by them cuts as women. And I don’t know what the other 2 mentioned mean so I can’t say for definate we are not affected. It seems a little sexist implying women do all the work – I am sure that is not how it is intended but it just shows how careful we have to be as journalists when phrasing sentences…

  4. I agree with you on that, however they arent journalists, they’re a party trying to make women feel like theyve been hard done by over the cuts.

    However, the other 2 things mentioned are Health in Pregnancy grant, the Sure Start Maternity Allowance… not really for men.

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