AD54 – Emperor Nero Becomes Emperor Nero (for those who don’t know who he is, he is famous for having played a fiddle while watching Rome burn)

1362 – English Parliament was opened with a speech in English

1792 – The first stone of the building to later be known as The White House is laid

1884 – GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is established

1917 – The Miracle Of The Sun occured in Portugal (an interesting story which raises a few questions about what we believe – check it out!)

1923 – Ankara becomes the capital of Turkey, replacing Istanbul

1943 – Italy declares war on Germany in World War II siding with the allied forces.

1972 – An aeroplane crashes outside Moscow killing 153 people

1972 – A Uruguayan flight crashes in the Andes mountain range (Two plane crashes in one day – and it was Friday the 13th!!!)

1976 – A Bolivian plane crashes killing 100 (97 of which were children) – Warning: it is dangerous to fly on October 13th!

1992 – A plane crash (once again) in near Kiev, Ukraine.


The First Basketball match in history played under the American Basketball Association. Oakland Oaks beat Anaheim Amigos 134-129.


Jacques de Molay – Grand Master of the Knights Templar (1244), Margaret Thatcher – Politician (1925), Paul Potts – Opera Singer (1970), Sacha Baron Cohen – Comedian, Actor, Journalist (1971), David Haye – World Boxing Association World Heavyweight Champion (1980), Ian “Thorpedo” Thorpe – Swimmer and Former World Record Holder (1982)

Number 1s Declared on this date:

Brian Poole & The Tremeloes – Do You Love Me? (1963)

Mary Hopkin – Those Were The Days (1968)

The Simon Park Orchestra – Eye Level (1973)

The Police – Message In A Bottle (1979) (what a tune!)

Stevie Wonder – I Just Called To Say I Love You (1984) (Is there a better song ever?)

Maria McKee – Show Me Heaven (1990) (Anyone who hasn’t heard this song, listen. It is so beautiful!)

Afroman – Because I Got High (2001) (Maybe there is some stats which tie into this song’s release and the amount of people in the UK doing drugs?)

Sugababes – About You Now (2007)


2 Responses

  1. VERY well researched Alex! I will never ever fly on October 13!

    • me neither – when I realised it was Friday 13th when the same day plane crashes happened I couldn’t believe it – I researched it as a joke to see what day it happened on and then I found out it was the ‘bad luck day’

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