News Values put to the test

While on a long weekend away in the Lake District recently, I came across a headline which made me run inside a shop and immediately buy the local newspaper: “Hundreds of sheep rustled – 19 raids in nine months” claimed The Westmoreland Gazette. I decided to put our news values to the test to see if this article was as quaint as I thought.

Prominence was the first news value to put into practice. Sheep and sheep farmers (being the victims in this crime spree) would not get much coverage at a national level. Proximity has heavier weight than prominence. Raids of farms in nearby areas would naturally worry the locals. Having happened over a period of nine months, this was not breaking news, so timing was obviously not at the forefront of the reporter’s mind.

The article seems to have more to offer in terms of significance. The reason for the series of thefts seems to be the rising price of lamb. After apparently nearly doubling in price, the cost of lamb seems to be too much for the “rustling” gangs. Mostly, though, this appears to be more of a human interest article to me than front page news…


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  1. Baaa-rilliant article Sara 😉 it’s always good to hear about local news stories that you wouldn’t have necessarily heard about if you’re not a “local”…

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