A day in history

I am going to aim to post almost every day (every day but I am sure there will be some days where it is just not physically possible, but I will try) to give everyone a snippet of what happened on this day in history. Just interesting events, perhaps number 1s in the music charts too and a little bit of sport if there is anything interesting. So, 12/10 in history…

In 539Bc Babylon was taken by the Persians under the rule of Cyrus The Great. (Check out “Rivers of Babylon” by Boney M – not the original version, but the best in my opinion)

1692 – The Salem Witch Trials end. (A major turning point in medicine throughout time – people started to stop blaming witchcraft for illness and looked for natural reasons, attempting to diagnose and cure illness)

1810 – First Oktoberfest (Let us all raise a pint and thank the Germans for this idea. Then another. And another. And anoootttheeerrr…)

1823 – Charles Macintosh sells the first raincoat (He is Scottish…I wonder where he got the idea from…)

1901 – Theodore “Tedyy” Roosevelt renames the “Executive Mansion”, naming it “The White House” (I never actually wondered when it was named, but now I know anyway)

1964 – The Soviet Union launched the first ever space craft with a multi-person crew (But the Americans won the space race – or did they?)

1984 – 5 people died and 31 were injured in an assassination attempt on Margaret Thatcher at a Brighton hotel by the Provisional Irish Republican Party. (This again draws the world’s attention to the troubles in Ireland)

1999 – The world’s supposed six-billionth human being is born.

Born on this day:

Luciano Pavarotti (singer), Dusty Rhodes (wrestler), Les Dennis (ex-host of Family Fortunes), Hugh Jackman (actor), Martin Corry (ex-England Rugby Union captain), Shola Ameobi (Newcastle footballer, I had to put that one in being a Newcastle fan!)

Number 1s declared today:

Bobby Gentry – I’ll Never Fall In Love Again (1969), John Denver – Annie’s Song (1974), Jennifer Rush – The Power of Love (1985), Bryan Adams – (Everything I do) I Do It For You (1991), The Chemical Brothers – Setting Sun (1996), Gareth Gates&Will Young – The Long And Winding Road/Suspicious Minds (2002)


2 Responses

  1. Was just wondering, are you getting these (well-compiled, I must say) facts off a website or are you delving through the world wide web yourself to bring us this interesting info? Great blog.

    • delving through the sites that come up on google compiling the most interesting info and putting it up here…when i see things appearing a few times on various sites i take it to be correct and thus it stands a chance of appearing here. Apart from Shola Ameobi’s birthday – I know that one.

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