My first day…

Saturday was the  first day at my new job, at the Accessory Department in Harvey Nichols. I had tried to be as prepared as possible for my early start; well 9.45am but my plan was to get up at 7.30am and get the bus at 9am. In true ‘Kirsty style’ whilst blow drying my hair I thought I’d double-check paperwork with times, places I was to be and the itinerary for the day, to my shock the paperwork said 9.20am – which meant I need to be ON the bus. I quickly grabbed my stuff (hair still wet) and got the bus. First speedy bus driver to the rescue I got into town with 7 minutes to spare.

I met some lovely girls at my induction and had to listen to what seemed like endless Powerpoint presentations about very single detail about EVERYTHING.

Day Two: Well day two was definitely better than the day before, firstly because I knew a few faces,  secondly I got a lift to work and thirdly my hair was dry and I wasnt running late. The morning was spent listening to even more Powerpoint presentations, but my afternoon was spent on the shop floor. I went round meeting my new colleagues and looking at the handbags and familiarise myself with them… as it got into the Sunday evening and I was standing on an everly more quiet floor and it started to dawn on me,

How were people in a financial crisis able to buy handbags ranging from £2o0 to £2000? – there wasnt just a few of these people about there are lots.

Kirsty Bruce


2 Responses

  1. because, unfortunately, people have their priorities wrong…they would rather buy designer gear than invest money wisely. Too many people live for now, then when the future comes the are screwed.

  2. You do wonder sometimes where the people who are struggling due to recession are. I work in a (ridiculously overpriced) coffee shop and I can’t understand why people pay the amount of money we ask for poor quality food and drink. Most of them don’t bat an eyelid when asked for nearly £8 for a couple of coffees and a bit of cake.

    On another note, it sounds like you have a great new job. I can think of worse things to be doing than working with gorgeous handbags all day!

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