How To Report The News.

Im assuming that most of you will already have seen this clip but I thought after Diane’s lecture on broadcast ‘packages’ last week that this would give you all a little giggle. I’m sometimes guilty of reading posts but not clicking the links or watching the videos but do watch this, it’s worth two minutes. 🙂

Lisa Toner 


5 Responses

  1. oh I’ve seen this! I thought it was great, and so true!

  2. Excellent link! So funny because it’s so true!

  3. Love that this was posted the night before our tutorial today. Much easier way to remember the elements of a TV package, aha.

  4. Thanks all of you. Nicola, it is easier for me to remember things by association. I think I will remember the elements of a package by thinking of this!

    Lisa. x

  5. Charlie Brooker is so funny! Newswipe is always a good laugh, but for journalism students this clip was surprisingly helpful. This clip will be of definite use for assessment 1.

    Thanks Lisa

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