Have you got the X-Factor bug?

Is it just me or does it seem that the X-Factor is taking over yet again? Not that I am complaining, for once you never have to face those ‘awkward silences’ with acquaintances, just spring up a conversation about the X-Factor or Cher Lloyd and the silence is filled! Everyone is talking about it, whether Katie Weisel should be there after her performance at her first audition and then at the judges houses? Everyone is asking the same questions, did Cheryl make the correct choices? How will Simon’s groups progress? Will Cher prove us all wrong?

After last nights show with the exciting costumes, Mary’s new look and the newly introduced ‘Wild Card’ this series seems like one not to be missed!

What are your thoughts?


5 Responses

  1. I am loving the x factor this year! Clearly leading a very sad life at the moment. Not going out on saturdays and rushing home from work on sundays so i don’t miss it haha! Gutted that Gamu didn’t get in with the wildcard choice but it’s shaping up to be a brilliant series. Roll on 8pm tonight! x

  2. To be absolutely honest with you the X factor is really doing my nut in! I think ‘image’ is playing too much of a part this year – with most of the acts trying way too hard. Katie’s hat? Weird. Storm’s eye-makeup? Weirder. And Diva Fever’s lycra cycling shorts? Holy Crap!

    Remember the good old days when it used to be about singing? Please God – I want it back!

  3. I agree Julia, it’s supposed to be a talent competition and yet those with talent are being sent home in order for people with less ability to be put through. I think that arguably makes for better t.v viewing because of the controversy and the fact that some of the contestants are generating interest because they are unpredictable or quirky but you have to question the fairness of that.

    It makes you wonder what the people with the real ‘talent’ have to do to get a break.

    Lisa. x

  4. I agree that its a shame that people with talent were sent home when some more ‘interesting’ acts have been put through, but I think thats just the judges opinion.

    However I disagree with the style argument. I think this year has taken quite a change. In the past all the acts got a drastic make over and were made to look more ‘poppy’. For example, Rachel last year got her unique style taken away to look more mainstream.

    But this year the acts have held on to their own style they brough to the auditions. Katie and Storm already wore crazy stuff like that anyway, I doubt it was a manifactured look. And if you look at Rebecca, her hair is the same as in the auditions. They have all obv had a bit of a makeover, but in-keeping with their own style and not made to look like manifactured look-a-likes.

    Apart from that – I love it so far, Aiden Grimshaw to win, hes amazing!!

  5. I can’t stand aiden, and what was that abomination by Katie? She ruined one of the best songs ever!! I love the X-Factor, got a bet on Mary to win – come on Mary!

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