The ultimate promoters tool

The internet, when used correctly, can score you fame and fortune. Look at Justin Beiber, he was discovered in 2008 due to his Youtube videos. Beiber managed to land a recording contract with Island Records.

All of this came from a Youtube video. Beiber was noticed, not just because of his talent, but for the number of hits his video received. Before Youtube and similar sites, it was up to music executives to decide who got the record deal, now it seems to be more of a vote from the public. This could be a positive turn as we like to make collective decisions but does this mean anyone could get a record deal? With enough friends of course.

Musicians used to become famous due to raw talent. Now it seems anyone can get a record deal. Compare Elvis Presley to the Cheeky Girls. There is no doubt as to who had more musical talent. However, who would get more hits on Youtube if both were around to release a new video? It’s a tricky question. Do we listen to music for comic value or because we enjoy the music?


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