Another one bites the dust

Many of you may not know who Alberto Contador is. But I do, he was my hero. Before he let me down. The Triple Tour de France winner has been provisionally suspended after traces of the breathing drug clenbuterol was found in a urine sample.His excuse: meat contamination. I was on the verge of forgiveness, when the next set of headlines hit:  a second failed test. High levels of plastic residue was found in a urine sample, which suggests he received a blood transfusion. This is, of course, is banned in cycling as it can be used to boost endurance.

The  spanish cyclist may be stripped of his title allowing second place Andy Schlek to claim it. His latest twitter update is steeped in despair, “I’m very sad and disillusioned. As much as I try I can’t understand.” The sport is losing credibility fast, with Contador been added to a long list of suspected drug users including Tim Simpson and Lance Armstrong.Now when you google his name, words like drugs, doping, apology, booed and cheat appear.

Is winning that important?



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