you don’t have to be terrorist to won’t be allowed on a plane.

hello there for whoever is reading this. have to be honest and warn you at the beginning of this before you start wondering to yourself ‘why on earth am i reading this?’ – it will be useless one as it has almost nothing to do with the rest of the world but only me. but on the other hand, everything’s related to everything, so read on, sailor!

this will be true story about how i went to England and back and got into almost every possible crap with an exception with russian mafia and nature disasters. thank god.

the reason for me to get to england in first place was to visit my mum who lives in quite tiny place called March near Cambridge. so i took a train to Glasgow and spent a night there waiting for my early flight. (have to say prestwick airport is one of the best i’ve been before to spend a night – comfy sofas and it’s not as freezing as in Arctica or Stansted airport.) just before the flight to Stansted London i bought a completely useless train ticked for £26 to get to ldn even though i did not intend to get there. in the end it cost me more than £50 and about 3h my time.

so i got to london. fun started when it turned out i was about £2 short for ticket to march. the most ironic part was that about ten minutes before it i had bought breakfast for about £2 in nearest place i could find – mc’donalds and it turned out to be the most disgusting thing i’ve eaten in years! but, as always, i got lucky. the cashier turned out to be latvian so she lended me those few quid.

got into train. arrived at march. and than i realised i don’t know where to go as i didn’t have any address and my phone battery was dead so i couldn’t call anyone. i knew someone was suppsed to pick me up but not me neither my mother didn’t have enough of common sense to set some time for it or anything. at least the town is small so it wasn’t as hopeless as it might seem like. so i sat there at train station for about two minutes waiting to be rescued from my lack of planning and behaving like well-organised adult. then i got bored and didn’t see any sign of things getting better while uselessly  sitting and waiting for them to do, so i started walking into every possible shop and office asking for phone charger. the town was quite small but it at least had one phone shop so i found what i’d been looking for. well, guy working there didn’t seem exited about the idea about me stealing their electricity but i guess he realised helping me would be the easiest way to get me out of there. so i was rescued.

next three and a half days almost everything went normal. went to Cambridge. why they have real cows in public park i guess i won’t ever understand. and next to house where i was staying in garden there was a bath and a lonely horse.

before getting out of Edinburgh i printed my plane tickets in campus. because of Napier’s green-thinking policy and my eighty-year-old’s memory i had both plane tickets on one page. i realised that i don’t have valid boarding pass only on my way back to airport to get to Glasgow. usualy i don’t panic as it won’t make anything better but this was time when i finaly did panicked. for few minutes. than i started to blindly hope for the best. in the end after long explanations they really let me on a plane. i promised to myself to get better with my to-do’s if they let me on the plane.

so, again, supernaturally lucky i got on a plane and we took of to Glasgow. the flight had been delayed for 40-something minutes, though. so by the time we landed there were no public transportation to get to city centre nor back home Edinburgh. but again, i got lucky! lovely couplefrom Glasgow who were in the same flight as me offered a lift to city centre. why would i say no? (in this place more paranoid person would start feeling suspicious that things might be going too smooth and these two might just turn out to be serial killers. well, not me.) by the time when we drove to centre, last bus and train had gone. i told them to let me out somewhere where it would be relatively safe. but they offered me to stay at their place on a sofa. and again – why not? we drank some tea, ate some rice cakes (those things taste like carton) and said ‘night night’s.  someone in the house turned out to be massive beatles fan so before going to sleep i spent some time looking through books about them. in the morning  after breakfast they gave me a lift to station and on our way we had lovely talk about the beatles. so i got on a bus to home sweet home.

by the time i got back i realised i wouldn’t manage to get home and than to uni without being late, again. so i went straight to a bus stop. and, again, scotish with their not describable helpfulness! i had only a fiver and no change for a buss but the buss was already there so i asked everyone else waiting for a bus if they could change money. no one could so one girl just gave me £2 for a ticked. when i asked for her name of at least campus so i could give her back the money, she said it’s ok and didn’t need it. so i finally got to uni. the only but – i had to spend all day with my bright-orange hand luggage. it might looked like ‘oh! i like it here so much, can i move in?’

are you still reading? if yes, than hold on there as there is light in the end of a tunnel – it won’t be much longer!

i really don’t know why i am so lucky. no sarcasm. plain lucky. maybe it’s because of positive thinking that attracts positive energy. or maybe it’s positive thinking because of good things happening to me? who knows. and i still can’t get used to scotish being so kind and helpful! without you, my mainly ginger friends, i’d be sooo screwed! quoting my mother ‘you get into trouble like blondie but always get out of it as a redhead!’ lesson learned – keep thinking positive only start doing things properly and on time!

if you did read all this, i owe you a visit to eye-doctor!



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