Karma suit-ya?

Writing blogs is like writing music for me. I get a great idea in my head, get all hyped up and ready to go, start it off, get half way through and then stop. It’s a habit I really need to get out of, and fast!

This post could be described at best as random, however, I shall plough through! Lately I have been giving alot of thought to the concept of Karma, what it is and if it is worth believing in.  Karma seems to be quite a bit like ‘love at first sight’, you either believe in it or you dont. I am going to be the exception to that rule, as I do not have a clue at the moment as to what it is apart from the saying ‘what goes around comes around’ which always seems to accompany the word Karma. Also, I now have Justin  Timberlake’s song ‘What goes around comes around’ in my head. I might pop it on Youtube. 

My good friend Wikipedia has just informed me that Karma is an Indian religious concept.The theory of it is a fundamental doctrine in Buddhism. Karma literally means action. In Buddhism, Karma mainly refers to one’s intention or motivation while doing an action. In short, it means you get what you give. What you intentionally do to others will eventually come back in the dead of night and bite you in the behind! Interestingly, a site dedicated to the theory of Karma has just stated that nothing in this world happens to a person unless they deserve it. It says that people may be born blind,living in poverty, deformed, blessed, rich or talented due to a proximate or remote past birth. Literally, if you’re born blind, you must have done something to deserve it. I always thought of Karma as an optimisitc approach to beliefs and life in general but somehow, I think I may have been wrong. I tend to view the world from a scientific perspective, so to me it makes more sense that Karma has nothing to do with a child who is deformed from birth. I absolutely love biology and studying it in secondary school explained in great detail about DNA, chromosomes, genes, blah blah, yada yada. A birth defect is caused due to possible chromosomal or genetical abnormalities or due to a teratogen(substance which causes birth defects). Does this not make more sense than the belief that wrong-doings in a previous life has cursed a person in their new one? I certainly think so. Anyway scientific talk aside, whenever anyone mentioned Karma to me before it was always in a positive light. After actually bothering to look it up it seems quite a bleak, pessimistic view to have on life. Of course theres the optimistic side of it but for me, I have to say I am quite dissapointed by what I found.


I searched the word ‘Karma’ on Twitter and here’s a few interesting tweets that I found.

NOELLE KYTONEN noelle_kytonen

Bitches are not on my like list. Karma karma. Treat someone like shit & shit will treat you. #justwait

Shaelynn ShaelynnMarie

If I’m finding myself in chaotic situations & (sort of) believe in karma, does that mean I’m putting chaos into the world?

Peachy Atilano peachykins531

we should just let karma take charge! 🙂

It seems to me that people see karma as more of a way of thinking, a perspective on life rather than a religious belief. I think I might try doing some good deeds tomorrow, a minimum of three, and see if anything good happens to me. Could it be that people just feel good about themselves after doing a good deed or are mistaking karma for coincidence?

Another topic that I know nothing about and am intrigued by is reincarnation. That shall be my next post as for now, I am going to slap on a bit of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals and clean my shambles of a bedroom.

I would love to know all your views on karma. To be very honest, I still dont know what to make of it! I am going to do three good deeds tomorrow and then im going to comment on here and tell you all if anything good has happened. Kind of like an update 🙂

Till then, I’m going to love and leave you my friends! Please do vote in the poll, the results could be interesting!

Ciao 🙂




3 Responses

  1. what’s there not to believe in? it’s not santa.
    if you treat rest of the world bad, you’ll get crap. if you treat them good and honest you’ll be happy as a clam! as simple as that.

  2. have to admit this is great post for relaxing and taking mind off things but it is really shallow about the topic itself. if you really want to experience karma, method with three good deeds sounds unreal. as karma ir something we know very little about, i don’t think it really works on a time table ‘you do good deed, i grand you after 15min’. and if looking deeper in the meaning, than a good deed with purpose to get some good straight back looses it’s good deed sense as it is not done by good will any more.
    but it depends. for example, i find christianity one of the biggest and fakest delusions humanity has come up with. some find it foundation of their life. everyone’s different and we believe in different things. the main thing is to stay as tolerant as possible to each other as many wars and other useless things has started because of it.
    (dog damn, this comment is almost as long as blog post. excuse moi for that.)

  3. I never actually got back to letting you know how my good deed trial went! Well, I managed two good deeds in a day, yet nothing marginally great has happened to me yet. Then again, nothing marginally bad either. Therefore, I am still confused as to whether I believe or not! Only time will tell!

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