Scared of the mic.

Did anyone else find today utterly terrifying? No questions prepared, no idea what it would be like… The worst part was hearing my own voice. Don’t get me wrong, I had fun but really struggled to take it seriously. We lasted around five minutes before the giggles started and just wouldn’t stop.

I found myself glancing around at other groups and wondering how they were being so professional. Will I learn this with time? Anyone else feel like this?


5 Responses

  1. “What are your passions?” “men *growl*”

  2. well, i’ve had to do this before so i wasn’t afraid of the mic but i still can’t bear with the sound of my own voice.
    well, our group was i’d even say succesful – we interviewed each other about rapist meadows and who’d be greatest catch for maniacs, even interviewed people from ‘outside world’ – a polish lady and first-year-pianist. btw, if the guy turns out to be famous, we’ll be filthy rich!

    • Not to mention the fact that we did all of this in a lift!

      I definitely felt really self-conscious because we were just meant to be having fun with it. I’ve had no problems interviewing people before – infact I absolutely love doing it – when I have proper questions and a real interviewee. Still hate hearing the sound of my own voice when playing interviews back to transcribe them though. Our group had such a laugh today, I just couldn’t bring myself to even hold the microphone. All in all, broadcast journalism is definitely not my thing!

  3. god yes. someone was asking me a question and my answer was just a blur of sounds. some of my group interviewed strangers like they did it everyday while I was just hiding in the background!
    hope it gets better!

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