Riego rubbish

I don’t know about other student accommodation areas but Riego Street seems to constantly have overflowing bins. The pile of litter is sometimes as big as the bin itself. Is this the fault of Napier or do students simply create too much mess? I spoke to a few students living at Riego Street and the general opinion seems to be that the bins aren’t emptied often enough.

It’s disgusting, having to walk past rotting rubbish every day. This could cause rodents to move in and outnumber students. Then there really would be a problem. This is only a minor issue at the moment, we can walk around the litter and block our noses. However, it could lead to major problems. How long will this go on for?


One Response

  1. I was amused by the polite email that stated that it was good we were recycling but if the bins are full, please don’t dump your litter on the ground!
    I’d hate to be the bin man that’s responsible for Riego Street.

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