Virtual Choir

I don’t know how many of you have already seen this, but for those who haven’t; this is amazing. Continuing on the idea of people working together using the internet to make one big thing, I present to you Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir.

The idea was that as many people as possible would send in video clips of them singing one or multiple parts of a symphony. Eric Whitacre would then, with all of his magical recording equipment I presume, make them into one song. the first time I saw/heard this I was so overwhelmed, I showed it to everyone I could.

For some reason, I was reminded of it just now, so I went to look it up again and it touched me as much as it did the first time. Here are the links:

Introduction to the Virtual Choir
Lux Aurumque (the song)

and if you ever feel like you want to contribute yourself, got to this site:
Eric Whitacre



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