Running for Hope

Yesterday my boyfriend’s sixty-five year-old father ran the Loch Ness 2010 Marathon. At his age, the twenty-six miles he managed to run is quite a feat! His reason for participating in such an event was for his efforts to raise money for the charity, Macmillan Cancer Support.

His purpose for the running twenty-six miles to raise money for the chairty was this:

“Towards the end of 2009, a close relative, one of my sons, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This was an awful shock altogether for us, let alone for himself and the first few days after were the worst of our lives… However, he was given great help by people in MacMillan Cancer Support, Grampian NHS, CLIC Sargent and the Willow Foundation, who actually arranged and paid for him and his girlfriend to go to the recent Glastonbury 40 Festival. They’ve all been fantastic!”

 Luckily for Fergus, his treatment was a success, which in turn has made Johnny extremely grateful for the medical and emotional support his son received during his course of intense treatment which included chemotherapy and then radiotherapy.

 He said,  “I’ve been motivated to get off my arse and try and do something in return and I intend doing fundraising for each of these bodies in turn. So I am asking for sponsorship for this year’s Loch Ness Marathon which will take place on Sunday 3rd October 2010 on behalf this time of MacMillan Cancer Support”.

 Johnny only managed to raise £70, only 7% of his £1000 target on the day of his Marathon run, which is why I have written this blog: to try and gain more sponsors for what I feel is an honourable act by a father who loves his son dearly. I know you’re all skint students, but if you could please try and spread the word about Johnny’s effort to raise money for charity, it would most probably make a significant difference.

You can visit his online sponsorship page at:

Thank you,



3 Responses

  1. Franny, I will donate. Put my name down and let me know when you need the money. xx

  2. It may not be a lot but I will give the £2 tips I made at work tonight. I, like many people, have been effected by cancer and feel like the support that was given to me during a very difficult time is something I will never forget.

  3. How do we donate? And would it be ok if I send this story to my Aunt? She’d like it a lot.
    Charlotte x

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