Facebook plays Hide and Seek

Over the weekend, I had a strange experience. My sisters best friend (who is like a second sister to me) vanished on Facebook. Without a traqce. Where I used to have a sister by the name of Fiona Henderson, I no longer did.

And coinciding with this, her phone died. Within minutes me and my sister were inundated wioth messages saying “where has fiona gone? Her FB account has vanished.” The second most popular text was to the effect of “Is Fiona dead?”

Regardless, it caused an enormous stir. Nobody knew what had happened and Fiona reported that she had so many texts in her inbox, accompanied with a lot of voicemail messages asking if she is good. Turns out Facebook had just malfunctioned, Fiona had not touched her account and had left her phone at home as she went out shopping.

A strange encounter – but it made me realise just how quickly news spread of people being involved in different events. And how social media dominates our lives – it is no longer a part of life, it dominates life. How can one malfunction create such hysteria? And this was just one local girl with 591 friends – what if it was someone else, someone more important, someone with more friends?

It just proved how unreliable the technology is that we entrust so deeply and run our lives around.

To conclude – the account reappeared the next day, everything back to normal. But it was a very peculiar incident.


2 Responses

  1. Strange to think that because of a malfunction on a website, a whole crisis could occur in real life. Facebook owns our souls; the worrying truth.

  2. That is scary! It’s like we all rely on Facebook for everything! It seems so dramatic and over the top to be asking if someone’s dead just because their Facebook account is gone. We have let the whole world revolve around social media.
    Great blog.
    Charlotte x

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