How bad Do you Want it

As I was searching amongst the many twitter feeds, one isn particular stood out to me. It was posted by media guardian and read ‘how badly do you want to be a reporter’ with a link. I clicked on the link and found an article about an american newspaper who had posted an ad looking for a new reported and basically stated all the lows of being a reporter and none of the good parts- the low pay and the sometimes inconvinient hours. Here is the link journoad.

Whilst reading the ad, I wondered is this person trying to be funny , was in a bad mood that day , hates his/hers job or is simply stating the facts. Whatever the case , unfortunately many reporting jobs do have this in the job description- just perhaps not stated so bluntly.

I knew this when I decided I wanted to become a journalist and yet still wanted to choose the journalism course at Napier and pursue work experience in a newspaper- but surely why would anyone want to enter a job like this? There has been arguments about whether journalism is a career now because of social networking sites and blogs. People who are just saying perhaps what they know or perhaps saw. There has been the debate whether journalists are needed anymore because of these social networking sites- which we have discussed in class. Yet, 400 people applied for this course- meaning there are are still plenty of people who have choosen this career. So whilst looking over all the facts it made me come to a conclusion.

Many people slate journalists and say they can’t trust them, however many of us on the course want to be a journalist so we can uncover the truth and tell the public what has been hidden from them. With that in mind I realised why so many people would want to be a journalist and why they are needed. Journalism I think can be a very noble career and we are very much needed, to uncover the facts lead people out of the dark. So in conclusion I think this person who has written this ad has left out a lot of the job details and hope that this wouldn’t discourage anyone. All jobs have shit parts to them! I personally can’t wait .

A very cheesy blog today,

By Kelly Wade.


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  1. Aw, I feel like a proud big sister reading this. It’s a great blog and yes, many of us do want to be journalists to be a voice in society and advocate the truth with our morals intact.
    Well done Kelly. 🙂


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