The many purposes of the Internet

Hi everybody 🙂

I was talking to one of my oldest friends on skype today, and as one does, we were recollecting old memories and gossiping and such. We were discussing how you end up with friends studying all over the globe, especially if you have been to International Schools. One of her best friends is now studying in Surrey (I know that’s not a hike across 7 seas but bear with me) and just got a grant from his uni to build a site. Our course being very closely weaved into the internet and all of its functions, I asked her what the site was about.

Turns out this guy wants to teach people how to play the guitar. Not the “I’m going to set up a cam and film myself” youtube way, but a proper professional, detailed, online instruction manual on all the best songs around. Him and a set of friends are now being paid to keep the videos coming, and if you just have a look at the site, you can see how professional they go about the job.

It really is worth having a look at (unless you really prefer spending another 3 hours looking at other people’s kittens). There are some free videos but most of them will demand some payment in return.
Guitar Lesson Lounge is the site… Who wouldn’t want to go to a lounge where you learn how to play the guitar? I certainly would!

The internet can do so much; it can keep people in touch, bring news, rumours, entertainment, education and so much more. I think spreading the word on people who are actually trying to achieve stuff is the least we can do here 🙂
Also, the guy who created it is really nice, so you can also just visit it to make someone nice feel good. You might also just get involved very early on in the next biggest hype 😀

Eva Deckers


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