Hello everybody! Becky was talking about a film that is coming out this month talking about Social Networking. I think I’ll be talking about the same this but in my own way. I was really bored yesterday so I decided to just change anything I could find on facebook and see how people will react. I went from being single into a relationship. What I got out of that was really shocking friends and cousins believed on that. Very close people that you talk to everyday would simply believe on a change I made in facebook. People would also believe something like “I got divorced” even though I’m not married. Why is facebook so powerful for? It was not like that serious on Hi5 and MySpace. Why is facebook that serious and powerful? That people use their real names and upload tons of real photos and videos. Is it just because people can filter contacts and maintain security?

I really don’t know the right answer, but what I know is that there is a new film concerning this issue. It is coming out this month, and here I have the trailer. I think everybody in this module is interested in watching it. Enjoy the trailer.

Rihan Younan


5 Responses

  1. that looks like one hell of a movie! can’t wait for it to come out 🙂
    Also, your little experiment showed something quite important, especially for the purposes of our class. Facebook has become a major part of our lives, and people seem to trust facebook more and more and leave their friends a bit in the background. How and when did that happen?

    Love your article.

  2. Thank you Eva for your comment. That’s true people keep trusting everything posted in FB which is shocking. I’m really waiting for the movie to come out… I’m too intrested because I consider myself one of those very active facebookers, so yeah let’s see how everything started and when.

    Thanks again for your comment =)

    Rihan Younan

  3. Great experimant Rihan! We should people form our Journalism group together and go and see this movie when it comes out.

    Lisa. x

  4. Absolutely Lisa! I’m just waiting for it to come out =) Thanks for commenting.

  5. * Experiment. Flipping typo’s! x

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