The beauty of Facebook

Facebook apparently isn’t just for chatting with friends.It can save your ass, as i discovered last night. I was sitting patiently in Edinburgh’s airport, when i discovered my precious phone was gone.Stolen, lost or lying on my bed back at the flat, I know not? Out of cash, no lift home, nothing to inform my parents of my whereabouts. My plane to Ireland was to board in ten minutes, so I did what I do best, I ran. I ran back down the aisles and found a payphone. Of course, It does not ring out side of the UK, typical! Now seriously, what is the point of that? Thanks to social media classes, the next thing I thought of was a computer. One pound for ten minutes. I logged onto Facebook, typed in on my page; Could someone please call my mammy, I am in the Edinburgh airport, my phone is gone, boarding now, get her to meet me at the welcome gate. Please someone do this for me, and I will love you forever. My mother got five calls from my friends and she was there to meet me when I stepped off the plane. Amazing isn’t it, what technology can do nowadays!


3 Responses

  1. I’m glad you got it sorted in the end! I would have probably sat and cried till someone helped me

  2. My god, I would panic like hell! Do you know yet what exactly happened to your phone? (stolen, forgotten, etc)
    Long live facebook 🙂

  3. Here, here! No, it has yet to be located. My ipod is gone too, and not even facebook can help me with that.

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