Social Networking for Gig Addicts!

Hi All!

Songkick is one of my favourite social media sites. It is free to join and easy to use. You can search and then track any bands you wish to see in concert, and it will list all upcoming gigs, prioritising the ones nearby you. Like with a Facebook event you can click attending or maybe attending, and it will compile a list of all your gigs, past and upcoming.You can then look at other users reviews, photos, set lists and recommendations for other gigs. You are also then linked to all the support acts with the oppertunity to follow them, or to follow any other people that attended the gig. I love it because i am always missing concerts that sell out before i even know they are happening, and it informs you immediatly, linking you to all the legitimate sites that sell the tickets, so its hard to miss a single ticket! It has links to LastFm, Facebook and Twitter aswell, so you can recommend bands/gigs, and find people with similar music taste.



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  1. Amazing site! Don’t know how I missed that one. Cheers Becca.

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