Ryder Cup Day 2: Washed Up?

The weather was the main talking point in a day of golf which resulted in the USA leading on points, but Europe leading on optimism.

Is the UK in danger of losing future Ryder Cups to the Continent as a result of a washed up beginning to the Ryder Cup? As play closed today, the European side finished up on the Americans in all six encounters. The USA lead 6-4 from the first two sessions, but will surely be less then optimistic about falling behind during the third session, which will be concluded tomorrow. The main story grabbing headlines, however, is the bad weather which delayed play yesterday and cast a cloud over the rest of the tournament.

This Ryder Cup sees the first suspended play due to weather since 1997, and has the latest start date since 1967. Many doubts were cast before the competition started about the wisdom of it taking place in Wales in October. Some of these doubts have been realised, and questions have now arisen over whether the European- hosted tournaments should take place on the warmer and drier Continent. America and Europe alternately host the Ryder Cup, and every European hosted tournament besides two (Valderrama, Spain, 1997 and Kildare, Ireland, 2006) have been held in the UK. The 2012 meeting is due to be held in Gleneagles in Scotland, but it is expected that talk will turn to organising following years’ Ryder Cups in mainland Europe. It is worth noting, however, that the only other European Ryder Cup to have been held outside of the UK and Ireland was also suspended due to bad weather.

Turning back to today’s play: Europe ought to be very pleased with today’s effort, and should be confident beginning play tomorrow. The morning session today saw America ahead on points, with Watson, Overton, Woods and Stricker- among others- picking up vital wins for the team. Lee Westwood and Martin Kaymer beat Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson to some crucial points, however, gaining some ground back for the Europeans.

Play has finished for the day with every European match on top, which bodes well for a (hopefully) sunny and eventful day of golf tomorrow.

A great picture gallery from Guardian online is here.

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