A Real Tragedy…

A Gay suicide spate has shocked America in the last three weeks, raising questions about the youth of today.
Suicides often occur in ‘clusters’ especially when the Media has been involved, as it has been in this case. The UK was victim to one not that long ago that was covered extensively by the media, in which 13 people took their own life’s in Bridgend, Wales. However this epidemic in America is slightly different as all of the 4 male teenagers involved have been targeted and victimised for their sexual orientation, which has directly led to their deaths. It is an absolute tragedy that these four boys, the youngest being only 13, had been treated in such a disgusting way that they felt like suicide was the only way to go. The most recent had just started college, and had received torrent s of abuse after his roommate had secretly broadcasted him having sex with another male and streamed it live on the web.
Although Perez Hilton’s blog and social networking site is by no means a reputable site, I have to commend him for his efforts to make a difference in the lives of young people who are suffering from bullying due to who they are. He has featured many videos of celebrities such as Ciara and Ellen DeGeneres voicing their concerns and messages of support for anyone dealing with this situation, all with the same message…’It gets better.’
And so while the youth of today is judged for how cruel and malicious they can be, I would like to think that it is only a few closed-minded people that cannot seem to accept that everyone is an individual, and that we should embrace it, not repel it.


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  1. This is a great article Kara, more open-mindedness and acceptance is needed in many areas of life. Well done.


  2. Amazing blog Kara, I’m sure it has brought the matter to everyone’s attention and I hope for the many people ,sufferring with this torment, it gets better. Well Done

  3. i read this article about the lad who got videoed…think about it, that could really be anyone around us who has homosexual tendencies – how would people feel if their new uni friends came out as being gay?

  4. A very insightful blog Kara. This is a topic that really hits a nerve with me. I have several male friends who have recently came out as gay – even reaching the stage of telling their parents.
    One friend in particular admits that they detered ‘coming out of the closet’ during high school because they didn’t want any negative attention and when asked the question ‘are you gay?’ he tended to avoid the answer. It really upsets me that people are not excepted for who they truly are and have to put up this facade to prevent themselves suffering from abuse. It takes great bravery to be forth coming about your sexual preference when it is not considered the ‘norm’, but it shouldn’t have to.
    As for how I would feel if a uni friend came out as gay, I can safely say that my feelings or opinion of that person would not change, as if they are a friend the reasons for that would still stand.

  5. Definately agree with you julia, It wouldn’t bother me if a uni friend came out as gay, each to their own! This story really hit a nerve with me as well, because having had to deal with a suicide close to home, it really annoyed me that, as you say people are not accepted for who they are and go to such extreme measures to escape from negative attention. I’m glad that we are all so accepting, just a real shame about the very few who are not!

  6. I heard about this on the radio and was so upset to hear about it. Really cannot comprehend.

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