Planet of the Apes II

A job so easy a trained monkey could do it? Security at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi has been tightened this week: a team of monkeys has been brought in to guard entrances and patrol perimeters.

After controversies surrounding building work, dangerous stuctures and deadlines, the Commonwealth organisers had another problem to deal with: hundreds of macaque monkeys invading the stadiums. The monkeys have been a problem in Delhi for years, commiting all kinds of low key criminal activities such as stealing food, breaking into buildings and swarming the streets. They are considered sacred by many in India, and so are not subjected to any kind of pest control or violent deterrence.

All that will change from now, however, as the Commonwealth organisers set up their team of trained langur monkeys to act as bouncers. The larger species intimidate the macaques, and so have been gathered together and employed to frighten them away. The new sentinels have their work cut out already… let’s just hope they don’t do too good a job, or ‘Planet of the Apes’ might not just be fiction…

Check out the BBC video here.

A few articles:

Yahoo sport




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