Fines, Chips, Eyeliner and a Gig.

31st August 2010 was the night myself and four friends saw Modest Mouse play Edinburgh’s HMV Picture House.  Some other fortunate and unfortunate events occured as well.

Naturally, we got lost on the drive in as edinburgh roads are an impenetrable maze to a clueless townie driver (my mate lewis) and his more than tipsy passenger (me). Somehow we ended up in a carpark near lothian road, so grateful to have arrived even preposterous parking prices felt like a godsend. Arriving at the Picture House we met the rest of our little “town gang” just in time for support act ‘Yuck’. 60s pyschedelic influences with a modern grungey touch was an interesting original sound, I’d see them again. It made the 30 minute queue for a pint more entertaining at least.

Modest Mouse aren’t the type to have the crowd jumping as much as standing in absolute awe. Not being a radio hit kind of band, we were treated to many bizarre album tracks and experimental jams. Members alternated between guitars, double basses, trumpets, saxophones, violins and what appeared to be a large bongo. Definitly the most mesmirising musicianship I’d even seen. Highlights included ‘Dramamine’, ‘Dashboard’ and fan favourite ‘Black Cadillacs’. For fans of Radiohead and Sonic Youth.. maybe? Their not an easy band to describe, but expressional is the best word that comes to mind.

Exiting the gig me and lewis said our goodbyes as our friends wandered off in search of more strongbow. I’m not altogether sure how this happened, but we ended up lost again. This turned out not to be a bad thing, as during our street wandering we ran straight into the band themselves. They kindly bought us cheesy chips and chatted to us for half an hour or so, before heading off to newcastle for their next gig, despite Lewis’ warning that newcastle was “utter shite“. We got our tickets signed, since nobody had any writing utensils a nice lady passing by lent us her eyeliner pen.

We arrived back to the car park in good spirits. We were fined £30 for being late, apparently 2am is past the 11pm cut off we paid for, but worse things have happened. Unfortunatly the car park machine wouldn’t take Clydsedale bank notes, so we wandered off in search of a cash machine to withdrawn a different note from. By the time we made it back to the car park our fine was upped to £36. Lovely. We finished off an interesting night with a guitar jam at a freezing cold beach. Despite overpriced pints, getting lost and hefty parking fines, it was still an enjoyable night. Modest Mouse bought me cheesy chips.


4 Responses

  1. I missed Modest Mouse at Leeds fest! Did they play World at Large? They never do and its my favorite song!

  2. They didn’t, it’s one of my favourites as well so we told them off for forgetting it after haha.

  3. tell lewis newcastle is mint – and it sounds like you had a good night

  4. Haven’t seen Modest Mouse since they played Glasgow in December last year – such a good band, I like the way you wrote about them. The Picturehouse is a pretty sound venue too.

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