Is this a compliment?

My friend told me I was used as inspiration for this piece, do I take that as a compliment, who knows?
Art is art.

Happy Halloween

Article plan examples?

Hello everyone, this isn’t really a blog, moreso an enquiry! Does anyone know if the article plans are up on WebCT yet? I have been searching for them for a while but haven’t found anything.



Halloween? Just another night out when you’re a student!

For me, Halloween used to be one of the best nights of the year. Months of planning went into your costume; there would be a school party a house party and then a party after that party…where your costume could be shown off and admired in all its glory. Costumes were top secret as well, prepped and prepared until the very last minute when the big reveal would be made to your eagerly awaiting friends. However all that changed at University. Every other week there is a themed night out, pub golf, ‘pairs’, cartoon characters, comic book characters, characters from Charlie and the Chocolate factory, the list goes on! It seems that students rarely think a night out is good unless you dress up. The sports teams are the worst (or you could say the best?) only the other week did one team at their team meals come as all the characters from Mario bros, amazing! Personally I love it, dressing up on a night out can start conversations, break down barriers and provide many a laugh and photo opportunity. Although for me, it has slightly stolen Halloweens’ thunder and after the effort of finding costumes for nights out this year I have resorted to boring Catwoman for Halloween, oh how ashamed my younger self would be!

The Youth of today

The Napier Social Media website is the perfect example of the youth’s interest. Twenty-seven media articles, eleven music, eleven sport,yet only eight are political. Is there something essentially wrong there or can one be politically aware, just not passionate enough to spend their
time blogging about it? The other,say, two hundred blogs remain uncategorized aka involves rantings about one’s daily lives and homes.Unsurprizingly, well to me at least, it was these uncategorized blogs that received the most comments. The blog, “Paris through another
perspective” got eight comments, tying with “Smokers are irresponsible”, which also received eight. This proves what we, ‘the youth of today’ are really interested in, does it not? We can keep up to date with politics and news. But we are still young. So why not have some fun first
before we get bogged down in the issues of the world.What Im trying to say is that if someone hands me an article on Ed Miliband’s Labour leadership and another on Inter-railing Europe. I am going to read the latter first, but I will still read the political one.

October 31st

1864 – Nevada becomes the 36th US state.

1876 – A monster (get it – Halloween…) cyclone hits India killing 200,000 people.

1923 – A hot-as-hell heat wave begins, Continue reading

The Influence of TV on Music

I was just browsing through the itunes top 100 looking for some music to download and i was shocked by a couple of things i noticed on there. The song, stay by shakespeares sister, that Cher Lloyd JUST sang on xfactor is already sitting at number 13 in the chart and it’s still climbing as i write this! It was no-where to be seen 2 hours ago! And the song used in the Yeo Valley milk advert, which is shown during xfactor, is even at number 27!  This made me wonder what kind of an influence TV has on the music industry? So i went and did a little research and found this website which dedicates itself to providing the titles of music used in adverts on TV. Quite a nifty little website if you’re like me and always saying “i really like the song in that advert!” After having a little look through the site i found that a few of the songs featured in adverts are actually in the charts on itunes.

And does anyone remember the barclaycard advert that everyone seemed to love, with the guy on the massive waterslide. The song used in that advert, the bellamy brothers-let your love flow, re-entered the charts, peaking at number 21 back in 2008, due to the advert being so popular!

On the other side of the fence, sometimes adverts and TV programmes can have a negative impact on songs. For example, boots have been using the same song (here comes the girls) for ages now and it’s starting to get a bit irritating. And that song played in the background of the marks and spencers food adverts? I bet hardly anyone knew that song was called Samba Pati by Carlos Santana, because i certinatly didn’t until i googled it.

I think we can safely say that TV definately has a huge impact on music sales. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing is open to debate.