5am Pondering

Good evening all, or should that be good morning? It’s 5:02am and I’ve been awoken by someone in my flat slamming a door or two (not too sure why) and I’m unable to get back to sleep – what better time to write my first official blog?! (I did post a picture of the Pope and a link to a “Good Site” but I wouldn’t really count them as full blogs.)

One of the first websites I view each time I go on the internet is the Sky News website – I like its layout, categories and overall ease of use. A link that has caught my eye is that Blackberry has unveiled a tablet computer to rival Apple’s iPad – (full report here) – which has got me thinking. Thinking about how far technology has come. Thinking about the first set of students to study Journalism at Edinburgh Napier and what technology was around when they studied. Thinking about what technology will be available when we complete our course in 2014.

Just a few years back, what I’m doing right now wouldn’t be possible. I’ve pressed a button. I’ve tapped a few keys. I’ve clicked an “E” symbol. I’m now connected to the world. Literally. Over the past few days, among the many blogs on this site alone (all of which have proved fantastic reading, keep it up guys 😉 ) a few have expressed concerns about how the internet has become too unsafe, how it is slowly killing the traditional journalism profession and how it is a place for perverts or paedophiles to do their worst. This may be the case but essentially (and perhaps unfortunately) we must all “get with the times” if we haven’t done so already as the internet will not be going anywhere for a long time yet. It is an incredibly powerful tool which will gradually become more available to more of the world’s population and, as Blackberry have identified, more of us will be taking the internet with us wherever we go. Exciting times? In 4 years will we all be carrying iPads in a pouch on the front of our clothes? (Believe me, such an accessory is available, click here!). Will Internet kill the newspaper star? (Very corny, I know).

Right, it’s nearing 6am and I think I will finish there. See you all in around 4 hours (although Alex, we might see you in 5, but fingers crossed you’ll be in at 11 too 😉 ).

George Ward.


5 Responses

  1. Good blog! I am a firm believer in good, old fashioned journalism. But the internet is so much easier and quicker! But yes, in time I do think that newspapers with fall to the mighty internet.
    Charlotte x

    • Oh I hope not! There is nothing better than the sweet scent of a fresh newspaper running between your fingers. Imagine a world without newspapers – now THAT is scary!

  2. Thanks for that remark George…just for that comment I will point out that (as you stated) it was nearing 6am. 5 hours from 6am is 11am, the time I was meant to be in…

  3. I did realise this shortly after I published it but left it in to see if anyone would spot it – congratulations on doing so!

  4. thanks – yay for my keen eye

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