The Other Night

This is going to be a general, diary-style blog, I’m afraid.

I made a promise to my friend to blog about the events of Saturday night…so here goes nothing! We had all planned to have a simple, cheap dinner and then enjoy a performance of Chess- The Musical at the Edinburgh Play House. However, events soon took a spectacular turn and became a confusion of eating dinner at a posh restaurant, sprinting unceremoniously past drunk people on Leith Walk and shamefully carrying a woman’s handbag home. It was hilarious, to say the least.

As is often the case, things started to go wrong when I got lost. I blamed the dazzling sun and Google maps’ poor directions on my aimless blunder up George Street, using one hand to shield my eyes from the sunset. Eventually however, my friend found me and we made our way to the restaurant, Snapfaxes in hand.

As soon as we stepped through the entrance, I knew something was off. I anticipated a small restaurant with cheap decoration and basic furnishings. Contrary to my expectations, this place was a palace. Candlelit tables and spotless decor combined with well-dressed, upper-class diners certainly took me by surprise. However, we had a 40% voucher with Snapfax so this must be a popular student eatery. Or so I thought.

We were shown our pre-booked table by a smartly dressed member of staff. Here, my friend’s coursemate was patiently waiting. After introductions and apologies for lateness and stupidity on my part, we were joined by a very smart and authentically European waiter who gave us some menus. We didn’t hesitate to mention the Snapfax offer and thrust the concertina of vouchers at the waiter. The man looked very confused,

“Do we have a Snapfax offer here?” He asked.

Subsequently, my friend pointed at the voucher that read, ‘Cafe Centro – 40% off.’  The waiter examined the Snapfax again before a slight sneer flickered over his face,

“We aren’t Cafe Centro, we’re Centortre. I can see where you made the mistake.”

Our eyes widened in surprise.

“I’ll just give you a minute,” said the waiter with an air of amusement, and with that he walked off to serve some other customers.

It was rather humiliating, however it did give us a great opportunity to throw waiter’s smugness right back at him. Yes, we were students, but that didn’t mean that this place was too good for us. And so we each adopted a well-spoken, posh demeanour, as though we were regulars at this kind of restaurant, and followed up by ordering some of the expensive italian food. It turned out to be a liberating experience. We had made a point and ate a very good meal too.

During our triumph, time expired faster than expected and so after a hasty payment, (with a minimal tip) we left the restaurant and proceeded to the theatre with an athletic combination of sprinting and power-walking. Our female accomplice struggled in her heels, so she removed them and so allowed us to pick up some serious speed on Leith Walk.

Believe it or not, it was on the way home that I felt self-conscious. After a wonderful show, we made our way back to my flat. However, I was tricked into carrying my female friend’s bag for ‘a minute’ and ended up sporting the feminine purse all the way home. Walking through crowds of drunk men, it was a wonder I didn’t get heckled or beaten up, although I did attract several strange looks from passers by.

Overall, however it was one of the more eventful evenings, (that didn’t involve alcohol) of my life. Sorry for boring you all with it, but if you feel like telling me what a pillock I am, the comment box is below.



7 Responses

  1. This was not boring at all! Really well-told account here, sounds like a memorable evening.

  2. Sounds like something I’d do Sam, at least I’m not alone in having funny but stupid moments!! – And Chess is incredible I saw it at Newcastle 2 months ago, I loved it. One night in Bangkok was disappointing though, I have performed it in a sketch show before and my family said mine was better…but I Know Him So Well gave me goosepimples!

    • Yes! It’s an Alex-style blog!
      Oh, I know, I loved it. Really? That sounds fantastic, I must admit, I thought that ‘The Arbiter’ choreography was stunning. Florence was absolutely incredible, such a great voice!

      • yeh I agree, the spectacle was incredible. I imagine it would have been the same cast as I saw..what did you think of One Night In Bangkok? I was really looking forward to it thinking it’d be fantastic to watch and sing along to…but I was gutted. Haha welcome to my style of blogging Sam – we are the kind of bloggers who don’t care how humiliating a situation is, it’s always good for a laugh!!

  3. Love your blog Sam, very personal and amusing. 🙂

    I bet you’d look cracking carrying a handbag tho, Sam!

    I have to say I am very jealous that you got to see Chess 😦 I really love the music from that show, and I so wish I had the money to go see it. Being a student is harder than I thought it would be….no money!

  4. Love it!
    Bet the bill was painful though. 😛
    Sounds like you had a good night!

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