My Trip to “A and E”

To my right, a hand-cuffed male with two police escorts. To my left, a frail elderly women, sporting a nasty gash on her forehead. I give you the waiting room in “Accident and Emergency”, Aberdeen. In the early hours of Sunday morning, a drunken teenager took it upon himself to set a fire extinguisher off in my friends  face. She was knocked to the ground on impact.  Her initial scream transfigured into shallow gasps of breath. We called a taxi. We arrived at our destination. Then, we waited for two hours until she was seen. She was put on a nebulizer(oxygen mask) and checked out after passing  the four-hour danger zone.That foam that comes out of the fire extinguisher, isn’t as cool as it looks in the movies. As we attempted to clean down the surfaces it clung too, our tongues began to tingle and we each felt light-headed. The chemical ammonium phosphate present in fire extinguishers gives off toxic fumes. Any unsealed foods had to be disposed of.  The draining board full of washed dishes had to be re-washed (rage). The victim is fine. The culprit, well needless to say, we havent seen him since. What a nice way to spend a weekend.


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  1. Wow. That’s scary! And amazing writing! You should’ve made the guy come and wash the dishes though. x

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