What and How???

I have been sitting and thinking for a long time now, what to write and how? Wondering if I will be accepted or not?  Will I get comments or not?  Everybody goes writing about the UK’s culture, cities, politics etc. What shall I write about when I just have been here for only 2 weeks? English is my third language, will it be accepted or not at all? Shall I be formal or informal? All these questions were going through my mind but no longer because I just realized I am not supposed to write professionally neither as a journalist or as a native speaker, because I’m simply here to learn how to write perfectly and in English… however  it’s enough for me to accept myself and my writings.

However, I will tell a bit about myself. I’m a Middle Eastern girl who left her home country Syria at age 12 to find herself in Sweden having the opportunity to study abroad in Scotland, and so I did. I’m in Scotland now all alone enjoying the “student life”.  I won’t say my dream is to become a journalist but rather my ambition is to become a journalist, because dreams don’t always get true but ambitions do with some work, and that’s what I will be working on. At the end I would like to thank all who paid attention to this tiny piece of writing, and I promise I will get some better ideas and things to write about in time.

Rihan Younan


6 Responses

  1. Well done for building up the courage to tell everyone your fears! Good honest personal post.

  2. Rihan, this is a very touching post and also clever in the sense that it gives people who have not yet had the opportunity to get to know you an insight into what you are thinking and your unique circumstances. I think you have done really well starting your blogging experience in this way rather than delving into subjects which you do not yet feel you are familiar with.
    As for whether or not you or your writings will be accepted….yes on both accounts. I hope you get many encouraging and supportive comments on here and develop the confidence which you rightfully should have.

    Lisa. x

  3. Rihan, don’t worry about if you are grammatically incorrect, or even if you don’t think your topics are that good…because other people will! Just express your feelings on here and we will all give you our full support. Is there any interesting stories or folk tales from Sweden or Syria that you could tell us, we are talking about our cultures, anything good from yours?

    • Alex, I will express my feeling I promise! Actually tehre is a lot to write about when coming to East and West and the different cultures, I hope I will be writing more soon. Thank you for your support!

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