Should we stay or should we go

This year the Commonwealth Games celebrates its 80th birthday in less than a week and so far this years games are turning out to be a total disaster. With natural disasters effecting New Delhi, unfinished and very unsafe and unhygienic accommodation for the elite sportsmen, the ceiling of one of the main venues collapsing and an out break of dengue fever… this is just the start of a very long list of problems that this year’s games face.

India as a whole is known to have a massive inequity problems, when they were given the opportunity to host the 2010 games, the UN thought this would be a fantastic way to boost the Indian economy and hopefully help decrease the inequality gap between locals. It has now become obvious to the world that this has not happened and all the competing countries have been holding talks on if it is safe and fair to send some of their countries best sportsmen into these unlivable conditions.

Should try to support the struggling Delhi and send our Scottish team to this year’s games or shall we consider the effects of this on our team and therefore keep our team at home and learn from this when we host the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow?

Kirsty Bruce


One Response

  1. It’s such a tricky one! I was reading about a woman who’s slum was demolished to build the commenwealth village. Her family had to move outside Delhi and with no transport to the city center they lost their jobs. When I think about how many peoples homes and lifes have been destroyed to host the games, it makes me really angry that athletes arent going because the accomidation isnt good enough for them.
    However if they got injured that would be their career over, and it’s obviously a completely diffrent way of life.
    What a conundrum eh?!

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