Missing minimum wage

Many students work minimum wage jobs but is it really worth it? A fellow student was a kitchen porter in a run down restaurant and he only lasted three days. Is it a problem with work ethic or the job itself?

Back home, I worked as a waitress in a busy, cheap and cheerful restaurant for two years. I must admit that I loved it. It made our muscles ache and sweat pour but I miss it every day.

I didn’t care that it paid peanuts, the monkeys were so kind and cheerful it was worth it. This seriously makes me wonder if any other job will suit me.

Is it worth getting a degree just to sit in an office all day being treated like dirt? Would I be happier with my minimum wage, 40+ hours a week job? I guess there’s only one way to find out.


2 Responses

  1. I occasionally think along the same lines!! However, what about 30 years down the line, when we’re not so lively, sociable and dare I say it…physically able, to be be running around and waiting on, sometimes very ungrateful, people. I loved my waitressing job at home also, and find it a great way to meet people, have fun and make money, but 40+ hours a week for minimum wage…bleurgh, it does make me feel a little ill! haha. Also, before I go, I am slightly baffled as to how monkeys are allowed to be in the restaurant…no matter how sociable they are, I’m sure there must be some kind of ‘health and safety’ issue with this…haha, I’m sure you can enlighten on me on what you actually meant!!! Good blogging missus!!!

  2. I suppose that’s understandable. I don’t think I’d enjoy being an oap waitress 😛 And sorry, I just meant if you pay peanuts, you get monekys. Probably should’ve explained that one. Thank you.

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