90 days to go…

Can you believe it – its the count down until Christmas ALREADY!

Today whilst shopping I seen decorations, cards and gift sets. Does it not just feel like Christmas was a couple of months ago?

and it’s only 97 days until 2011…

What has been the best parts of the year for you?

Any hopes for 2011?


3 Responses

  1. I think 2010 has went in really quickly! It feels like only a couple of days ago that we were bringing in the bells at New Year and throwing snow balls! I think it is due to the fact the we had snow up until April! ….

    The Christmas count down seems to start earlier every year. I have two younger cousins, aged 5 and 8, who have already posted their Christmas lists to the North Pole. They’re excuse was it takes a while to get there, and of course Santa needs a few months to ‘make’ the items. Honestly? I believe it is just the impatience of people nowadays and the want for shops to make more ‘dosh’ in the current economic state! If you’ve got more time to spend you’ll spend more? I mean, we haven’t even got Halloween over and done with yet and the Christmas decorations are on sale! Seems ubsurd! Your thoughts?

    Not that I am a ‘scrooge’ or anything! My Christmas count down started on the 26th of December 2009!

  2. I am quite the opposite – I don’t remember the days I was at school because so much has changed since then – and yet that was just 4 months ago!! I don’t remember the 3 shows I have already been in this year either, it seems years ago since I was part of them. And as they were in March/April, Christmas seems another decade ago!!

  3. You have just made my day by informing me when christmas is. Cheers!

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