Sucioperro, King Tuts – 17/09/10.

Tonight, in a packed-out King Tuts, Sucioperro are wrapping up a short stint in the UK. For the three-piece outfit, tonight is a hometown show – the buzz inside the small club an undeniable reflection of this. Vanishing off the radar for the majority of the new year, to pen what will become their third full-length album, the band made a greatly anticipated return in the summer. Tonight is their first headline show in Glasgow since December.

Kicking off the night are Lightguides, a band who have really come into their own in the past year or so. The release of “Past and Present” gives a nod to the band’s existence under the name ‘WeHungYourLeader’ — as well as featuring new tracks, such as the infectious “Midget Gems”, which only accentuate Lightguide’s energetic set. Tonight shows a hard-working band with a lot of potential.

Taking to the stage, Sucioperro open with “Running From All That Doesn’t Tempt You” — a new track recently made available as a free download from the band’s website. With the promise of a new album in the early new year, the King Tuts crowd are treated to two more new songs; “Reflexes of the Dead” and “Threads”.

Sucioperro's JP Reid, also known as "Dragon".

Thundering through older favourites “You Can’t Lose (What You Don’t Have)” and “The Crushing of the Little People”, as well as the riff-tastic “Don’t Change (What You Can’t Understand)”, it’s as if Sucioperro have never been away. The band have always been well-known for their cult following and, through a sea of flying drinks and crowd-surfers, this reputation precedes them tonight.

Mid-set, in what could be described as typical Scottish fashion, Reid pauses to pass back a bottle of Jägermeister to the rowdy crowd. With eager fans lending their vocal talent for a mass sing along of “Conception Territory” – one of the standout tracks from sophomore release “Pain Agency”. “The Lonesome Tree” still remains Sucioperro’s answer to a heartbreak ballad, leaving Reid crooning, “I call her name, but I hear no sound”.

Tonight is exactly the kind of gig that prompts you to wonder why Sucioperro don’t enjoy the same success as many of their Scottish contemporaries. Despite comparisons to Vertigo Bliss-era Biffy Clyro appearing almost unavoidable, Sucioperro have somehow managed to slip through the cracks. While they may certainly lack the mainstream appeal of the aforementioned Biffy Clyro, the musicianship and intensity of their live set surely make Sucioperro one of the most underrated bands in ‘the scene’ today.

Before calling on “The Final Confessions of Mabel Stark” to draw the evening to a close, Reid looks out into the crowd. As what has become tradition at all Sucioperro shows, he leaves the sweaty little room with a simple message: “Believe in your dreams”. When you think about it, it is this message that has carried Sucioperro for eight years and counting.

This isn’t a piece of hard-hitting journalism by any means, but I thought I’d put it up here anyway. I do quite a lot of band interviews and music reviews – which appear on various websites every now and then. Reading this back for the umpteenth time, I’m sure it ticks all the boxes for every horrible music journalism cliché.

The photographs used come courtesy of my lovely friend, Jessica Newell. She shoots a lot of gigs around the UK. She’s also been shortlisted for NME Photo Awards.


2 Responses

  1. Nicola, I do music reviews too and this is not terrible by any means. It’s written in almost exactly the house style that my editor looks for so there must be a common requirement for reveiws like this. Good job.


    • Most of my reviews tend to follow the same sort of format, I think I just picked up the style from reading so many music reviews over the years. Thanks for the kind words!

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