Pope Benedict XVI: the lesser of two evils.

When I announced on Facebook last week that I had caught a glimpse of the Pope in Edinburgh, I was only too aware that this would most probably be greeted with some kind of protest about his visit. I assumed it would be about the issue of Paedophile priests, the Pope’s disapproval of contraception, his condemnation against homosexuality and the cost of his visit to the United Kingdom. As I expected, the next day I found a small, yet very disgruntled comment by a close male friend about taxpayers money being spent on his visit and that the Pope had once been involved in Hitler Youth during his early teens . I mused over this argument for a while in an attempt to try and understand my friend’s argument, but I struggled to understand his point of view that taxpayer’s money had been ‘wasted’.

 My response was as so:

“Funding Trident has cost the taxpayers £70 billion. The unnecessary war in Iraq has cost £3.1 billion. Funding w***er bankers out of their mess has also cost taxpayers a ridiculous amount of money. When you look at this in perspective, 12 billion hardly seems anything for a visit from a famous religious figure such as the Pope who actually brings hope and joy to a lot of devout Catholics as it would’ve done for my great Grandmother. And if you didn’t join Hitler Youth you were either killed or sent to a concentration camp where you’d most probably die anyway. I don’t think anyone can comprehend how hard it must have been to fight against the Nazi regime, especially if you were a child like the Pope was at the time.”

A further comment from another friend confirmed that the costs of the Pope’s visit was actually 12million rather than the 12billion my friend had stated. This gave me further reason to persist with my argument:

“Yes, 12 million! How can you complain about something as harmless as the Pope costing that little when deadly nuclear weapons cost 70billion?! Has anyone actually watched the old documentaries from around the time of the cold war when the whole country was threatened by a nuclear fallout? They’re horrible and very disturbing. Once you’ve watched them, you won’t be complaining about taxpayers p***y money going on him when you realise much, much more of it is going on something far more of a threat to all our lives if ever another cold war begins.”

As you can see here, you could say I’m more pro-Pope than anti-Pope. I cannot understand why there is so much emphasis on complaints concerning taxpayer’s money being spent on the Pope’s visit to Britain, when far more of it is being absolutely wasted on unnecessary and deadly nuclear weapons which could ultimately result in the destruction of the human race. Why do I never see young people protesting about the likes of Trident on Facebook apart from myself? Why do they want to harness all their youthful energy into protesting about a religious figure instead? Is it because many young people these days are so anti-religion? Is it because they all feel it is a form of brainwashing? Is it because they feel religion is an absolute farce? I find that the irony is; the Pope and religion actually promote messages of peace, despite the controversy that often surrounds them. What we need right now is peace. Peace to prevent these unnecessary wars. Peace to prevent a renewal of Trident. And with the Pope, comes messages of harmony among the human race. How can you really complain about a mere £12million of taxpayer’s money being spent on his visit, which brings so much hope to many, when almost £100billion could be spent on a renewal of deadly nuclear weapons which could potentially kill us all?


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  1. The main objection people have in relation to the Pope having been a member of the Hitler Youth is that the Catholic church actually funded the escape of many major Nazi war criminals to South America for protection. As such, to have an ex-Nazi in charge of a Nazi supporting organisation (as the protestors would see it) is like putting Nick Griffin in charge of the most powerful nation on Earth. And when the Nazi’s return – which they will at some point – will they have the support of the Catholic church and as such succeed in eradicating everyone outside of the master race?

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