Catholic or curious?

On Thursday 16th September when the Pope arrived in Edinburgh, I was perfectly positioned on Lothian Road so that I, like everybody else, could catch a glimpse of the Bishop.
Police lined the streets on guard incase anything was to happen but unlike the London visit everything was rather calm.

Police line the street during Pope's visit to Edinburgh.

Although the visit may have caused controversy, even Stephen Fry posted up a video of his disagreement concerning the ‘state’ visit, like star struck fans Britain came out in force to catch a glimpse of Benedict XVI.

During my time waiting for the ‘Popemobile’ to pass, I asked a number of people what their views were on the visit. A 19 year old University of Edinburgh student spoke of her disagreement with such issues concerning contraception.

“In this day in age, no matter what religion you are, not using contraception is a hazard to yourself and the persons involved.”

Although she didn’t agree with such issues she could respect the religion as a whole as many of her friends were Catholic and like a number of others were attending the open air mass in Glasgow.

Protestors patiently wait for the Pope to pass.

The Pope passes crowds in Edinburgh in his 'Popemobile.'

I found that a number of people had passing comments to make about the viewpoints on gay rights and contraception whereas others were more concerned with the cover ups for child abusing clergies however like many people I feel that certain Catholics may also disagree with a few points made in their religion. It was brave and noble of the Pope to apologise for childabuse scandals and although protests were formed I feel that this was to be expected in the age in which we live, where freedom of speech and opinion is a person’s right.


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