Mickey Mouse “Likes” Disney World

Just today Disney has joined the social media revolution by launching a new website where you can upload your photos and videos from your visit to Disney world. The website, carrying the slogan “let the memories begin” looks rather interesting although I’m not convinced that this website will spark lots of interest. Yes Disney world is wonderful and it’s nice that people can share their memories of it but to me it just looks like they are trying to find a new, subtle way of getting visitors into their parks. I definitely can’t see myself becoming a big fan of this site, even although i have been to Disney world. It also seems like they have tried to copy Facebook in many ways, including the use of the “like” feature.

I could see a few privacy issues arising with this site as well. Would you really want the whole world looking at photographs and videos of your children? I guess Disney just thought they would go all 21st century on us by adding a social networking site to their long list of enterprises (the Disney shop, Disney channel, films, books and cd’s to name a few). Time will tell how much of a success it will be.

Check out the website for yourself: http://memories.disneyparks.disney.go.com/#/landing


2 Responses

  1. wow – this is a prime example of what is wrong with the world!! “Would you really want the whole world looking at photographs and videos of your children?” – where is the trust in the world anymore? Yes there are bad people out there but what about the millions, billions of nice people who just want to share holiday memories?? If/when I have kids and take them to Disney I would gladly put my snaps on – after all my kids would be fully clothed having a good time in one of the best theme parks in the world…I don’t see why people are so reluctant to show the world that they have a happy family?

  2. Good on you if you do have trust in the world. Unfortunatly due to some of my life experiences i don’t have that trust in total strangers. Im not saying that people shouldn’t trust everyone, that’s fair enough if you do, i just think there should be some kind of option for you to control who actually views your photos online.

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