Social Networking

You may all judge me for this, but when asked to find some interesting social networking sites, I went straight on the lookout for some gossip/fashion/lifestyle ones. There is one called ‘The Lo Down’ that I find quite interesting. You may all recognise the creator from popular reality show ‘The Hills.’ It is a typical girly girl site, with sections on Fashion, Health, Lifestyle and Relationships and is by no stretch of the imagination ‘hardcore journalism.’ But there is some quite interesting features on there that as a journalist, you could incorporate in to a story. It also has a Community section which allows it’s online-readers to share their views and chat to each other.

As you probably are all judging my taste in networking sites by now, I thought it best to find one with a more serious tone. ‘One World TV’ is described as ‘a unique public platform for filmmakers, video journalists, NGOs and just about anyone with an interest in video and a concern for a better world.’ It’s aim is to promote Global Justice through the sharing of film and documentaries. I certainly found it particuarly interesting and I hope that you all do too!

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