Interactive Travel Sites Shrinking the World

Thinking about which area of social media interests me most, I decided to look for good interactive travel sites. I have always been interested in travelling, and think that my own travels could have been enhanced had I known and used the following sites.

Of the five or six I explored, my three favourites are ‘WAYN‘, ‘Travellers Point‘ and ‘Exploroo’.

‘WAYN’ (Where Are You Now?) feels quite like a facebook for travellers, encouraging people to compose a profile of the countries they’ve visited and what they enjoyed. There are links to other people in the same areas of the world as yourself, enabling meetings, recommendations, chats and photo sharing.

Travellers Point is more of a guide and travel aide than a networking site.  It does have a few interesting forums where users are welcomed and share their views, favourite places and recommendations: the main function of this site however is to inform. Users can write blogs about the plaves they have been to and the aspects they most enjoyed, this facility being enhanced with photographs, comprehensive travel guides and accommodation listings. I enjoyed looking at this site because compared to WAYN it seemed more complete as a website, allowing interaction as well as information and reliable guides.

Exploroo seems to be Australian based, but the content ranges widely and covers all continents and countries. It offers a very useful hotel and hostel booking service as well as comprehensive guides to areas of specific interest. Much like WAYN, it asks the user to make up a profile, which then connects you with others crossing your pathas well as photos and blogs of the area in which you are staying. I found this site to be very interesting in terms of getting real and vivid descriptions of places I would love to visit, but preferred the better layed out ‘Travellers Point.

I have included some links to other sites I found (all travel- related):

I think that social media is a great tool when travelling, as no matter where in the world you find yourself or how far away from home you are, there is always someone on some website somewhere willing to give you some friendly advice.

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