For All You Hot Mothers Out There….

Would you believe that there is a social networking site for MILF’s?

Well folks, there is.

This site is absolutely hilarious. A place for the older generation of lovely ladies to post pictures and progress through the various levels of becoming a ‘cougar’. You can buy t-shirts and become ‘cougar of the month”. I am physically cringing.

One famous fan of the site is Sarah Palin and she wants to know where to sign up. Is it just me, or does classing yourself as a “Mother I’d Like To F**K” a tad shallow and egotistical? I think this website is sad, and it reinforces the American Pie-created stereotype of women being only play-things for men. But I guess it is a case of ‘whatever floats your boat”. If you want to feel more in sync with the older generation…. then this is probably NOT the network for you.

Check it out.


5 Responses

  1. Love it! … I find this more than cringe worthy! Imagine finding your mother on that?

  2. I just realised that my first ever blog was about MILF’s. This is the biggest cringe of them all. Oh no.

  3. for the record, I’m fairly certain the idea of objectifying women and seeing them as ‘play-things’ has been around a little longer than American Pie…though American Pie may have coined the phrase MILF, you would have to research that one.

  4. As far as I am made aware the MILF comment did come from american pie so you may be right there ‘jooleea’ 🙂 P.S. Loving the username!

  5. Thanks for putting that on the record Alex. I am thoroughly aware that objectifying women has been around since the dawn of day but I was only referring to the modern day MILF as is made clear by the rest of my blog. It’s nice that someone is ready to point out people’s mistakes. Ta.

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