Don’t steal? I know what you’re thinking…

If, like me, you listen to a lot of new music but don’t want to spend all of your spare money on it, could be helpful. It’s a site where you can listen to music for free by using one-to-one sharing, which is where only one person can listen to a song at any given time from one other persons hard drive. It remains legal as you can’t save or copy the file yourself, only listen to it by streaming it from another persons computer.

There’s over 100,000 different tracks available, including those which sites such as YouTube often delete at the behest of lawyers from companies such as EMI. You can also create your own profile and communicate with people that have similar musical tastes to yourself, saving yourself from having to trawl through a load of bands that you have no intention of listening to.

Thought i’d have a quick go on this once i got home to finish off my first blog post. It seemed really slow to get working, and was a bit confusing for me in the end. I did manage to get it to play a Michael Jackson song but it took me about 15 minutes, so probably wasn’t really worth it. Thought I’d try and find a No Doubt song to fit in with my title and couldn’t, which is obviously a major minus point too. Ah well, at least i won’t be going to hell.


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  1. One word – Spotify.

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