‘Check In’ the IPhone

Check In!

Just a short post to get into the swing of blogging as a Napier student! After my routine check of facebook this morning, I noticed a new ‘Places’ icon on the Facebook IPhone application. My nose took over as I clicked to investigate, discovering the new ‘Check In’ application that Facebook have introduced, have you saw it?

This newly introduced ‘Places’ app allows facebook users to post where abouts they are in the world, with friends checking into ‘Stirling University’ and ‘River Island, Princes Street’ I found myself slightly worried. I realised that out of my 500 friends on facebook, I have actually only been introduced to around a mere 200 of them. I find myself accepting people as ‘friends’ on facebook rather than taking the time to check them out and find out if we have ever met, I just accept them, as a means to save time! I am led to believe that this is the case with many teens these days and yet many people seem to be jumping at the opportunity to ‘Check In’… I think this could result in some dangerous situations, we do not know who is tracking our whereabouts or who is taking note of our daily routines?

Facebook seems to have gone wild and is turning into the perfect breeding ground for stalkers. Yes, I know we can change our privacy settings, however surely it should be automatically set to private and we can change it to public by choice? Not the other way around!


5 Responses

  1. This blog is totally you Lyndsay and would HAVE to include your much loved IPhone in there somewhere. I totally agree with you about Facebook being private to start with and then having the option to change to public (although why would you want to). I am seriously worried for all those young, vulnerable girls out there who think that ‘Places’ is a cool trend to have on their Iphone.

  2. Of course, and come on, who could not love the Iphone! It’s pretty incredible.

  3. Twitter has actually also added this kind of application, a ‘locations’ tag where you can tell the world where you’re at. Again, not exactly safe..


  4. I was going to write a blog about this myself Lyndsay, as i agree with you, and find this whole Places app totally crazy. I have managed to disable my Facebook Places, but only because, on the morning of its creation, one of my contacts posted a link to a YouTUbe video on how to disable it. I had to go into my privacy settings and unclick three boxes which i wouldn’t have found all too obvious if it hadn’t been for the video. I have since noticed on my homepage that a couple of my contacts who are using Iphones have appeared on my homepage with the full address (including postcode) of where they recently logged in. I watched a video about it stating it was “a great way of taking advantage of unexpected coincidences” and suggesting that you could write to a friend you noticed nearby and ask if they wanted to grab a coffee! The naiivety of this seems insane to me, and i reckon that instead of being able to grab a coffee with one of the fifty or so people you actually still talk to amongst your facebook contacts, it will be turning “cyber stalking” into literal, physical stalking.

  5. Hi Rebeccas, and thank you for your comment! I am with you completely and agree that this could result in some dangerous ‘coincidences’ …. Would you mind posting the link on how to remove this app as I would like to do it? Also, think it would be quite beneficial for the rest of us!

    Thanks again for your comments 🙂

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