Chatting for Plastic

As of two years ago there is a new meaning when it comes to women who seek rich men for their credit cards- now they are looking for men superficial ,or perhaps just lonely enough, to pay for their plastic desires, all at the press of a button.

There is now a social networking site that is designed specifically for women with the desire to be the next Katie Price’’. The women on the site create a profile designed to attract men so that they will in the end send money to the website which will then  go towards the funding for the women’s plastic surgery ‘needs’. The ambitious women are encouraged to put as many ‘nice’ pictures up as possible as the website points out this will attract more men and then in the end more plastic!

The men are allowed to contact the women through the site and build a relationship with the women so they can choose to fund them or not- but I wonder how safe can this really be? They can chat on the site and the women can decide if they want to talk through other mediums. The men are deciding to give over their own money to a person they have never met based on a photo and a paragraph they have written specifically to entice a potential ‘buyer’. I also want to raise the point of how much of this money is actually going to the women? Could the site creators be taking in a lot more than they are letting on? I also wonder how safe is this site. Some of  these women AND men are obviously vulnerable and therefore can easily be taken advantage of- how can they be sure they are talking to the person they think they are, this can become increasingly dangerous when money is involved.

The problem with a lot of social networking sites is you can’t always be 100% sure who you are talking to at the other end, a lot of scamming news stories have been the result of many- this site not only has a high chance of being the same outcome. In my opinion I think this gives the sexes both a bad name- it can be argued that nobody needs breast implants so I can see no good in the site. but perhaps this is open to debate and I am not seeing the bigger picture.

Kelly Wade

p.s this was very rushed so the grammar and spelling not great! lol ( an article written about the website with great quotes)


2 Responses

  1. Kelly, this is impressive. A good overview of an unusual social networking site promoting an issue which is not an uncommon occurrence in our materialistic and shallow society.

  2. It really is sad the lengths to which some women will go. Do you need to have big boobs to be womanly? Does your face need to be in perfect proportion to be beautiful? No. Beauty cannot be defined as one sort of appearance and ‘perfection’ will never exist.

    Nice blog Kelly. 😉

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